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Day 19- Yellowstone & Cooke City

So, today is our last day in Yellowstone. After spending the day looking around, we will be exiting via the NE entrance and traveling the few miles to Cooke City, where we'll be staying tonight.

What a great way to start the day...

...I can already tell it is going to be one of those perfect riding days!

Some fellow riders out enjoying the day!

Stopped at Canyon Village to look around. Yeah, that's snow in the parking lot.

Here's even more snow that I had to play in a bit. lol

Photo of some wildlife that Mary snapped while we were riding.

Yellowstone's Grand Canyon!

Amazing land, perfect weather and a great road to be riding on!!!!

After parking we walked to the look-out on the South Rim...

A closer look at the waterfall.

This is a big place...

Another view, looking across at the North rim, you can't see it in this photograph, but there are cars parked along that northern rim across the way.

A couple of pics...

...of the two of us.

Photo's do not do this place justice.

We're now across the way, on the North Rim...

...did I already say, this place is huge!

Back rolling now, headed toward the North East entrance. About 2 hours of very scenic riding!

Climbing at a pretty good rate, back up where there's some snow.

What a perfect riding day!

This morning I knew it was going to be "one of those days". Absolutely beautiful...

...and excellent riding!

We stopped at Tower Falls, walked around, grabbed some photos.

Back rolling...

...with great & varied views everywhere.

Came upon a mama bear and her 2 cubs. This first shot is from about 100 yards away, with one of the cubs climbing down a tree.

These next two shots show all three of them and were taken about 75 yards away...

...cute, but only from this distance and with the engine running. lol

On down the road...
 we cross over the Yellowstone River, we are getting closer to the end of our 3 days in Yellowstone.


Great photo Mary got while rolling at 45 mph. Dunno how she does it, but she is great at getting photos while on the move.

A look back as we're rolling.

We've been traveling toward that snow for a while is finally getting was little more than a dot when we first saw it.

Wow, Mary saw this deer before I did, let me know, I slowed way down and moved over, in case it did one of those crazy things that deer do, like jump out right in front of me. Nope it just stared and did not move.

Leaving Yellowstone, headed toward Cooke City for the night.

"The Coolest Small Town In America".

This is the view from the porch outside our motel room door.

After we unpacked, we tootled around for a bit. Stopped at this General Store that's been there since 1886-

Rode about 5 miles outside of town, saw this critter chomping down on dinner, then went off into the woods by the time we took this photo.

Photo on a little gravel road outside of town, looking back toward Cooke City.

Tomorrow we head across Beartooth Pass!!!!