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Day 25- Meridian, ID

We're headed for Meridian, ID today. Going via Lolo Pass and then the 12, and then following the river along the 55 out of McCall. This road is in my top 10 for fun riding (curves and twisties) and it has to be some of the most scenic in the USA.

Starting up Lolo Pass, looking off to the left...

...this is a very curvy, and sometimes steep, road. Being in Montana, it has a speed limit of 70 mph. Lots of fun, sometimes a bit over 70 and many times under 70. But all of it is a bunch of fun!

Fellow rider enjoying the curves!

It's a beautiful day, with stunning scenery, and very little traffic!

It's a pretty steady climb...

...and before you know it, we're entering Idaho and headed down.

The curves are a bit tighter, road condition not as nice, but the scenery is stunning!

Just getting warmed up for 99 miles of curves!

On the fly, Mary grabbed this pic.

And so it begins. Lewis & Clark Trail. We've traveled this curvy, twisty road around a dozen times...both directions. The road and the views are incredible.

I love curving, twisty roads (as does Mary). Never seem to get my fill of them. The road always runs out before I want it to. Back quite a few years ago, the first time we rode the 12, it was the end of a longish day, but I actually got tired before the road ran out. This is an amazing stretch of 99 miles of curving, twisting, scenic road. Every time we've been on it there has been very little traffic.

Mary took 830 photo's today...I am skipping hundreds and hundreds of great photos.

The views are fantastic...

...the curves...

...are one right after another.

Weirdest thing...

...we saw these deer on the edge of the road....slowed down to get more photo's, and they did not run away. They knew we were there, we were pretty close...

...and got even closer. Guess there is no hunting pressure in these parts.

Back rolling. Mile after mile of curving road, competing with great views!

A look back-

Another First! This chopper was just hovering over the river, slowly moving forward. Guy was sitting in doorway looking down. Not sure what they were looking for.


Perfect riding day...

...Rolling thru the curves and twistys with constantly changing scenery.

Idaho has some of the best riding roads and....

...views one could hope to see.

There's a little section of road (the 13) between Kooskia and Grangeville that is always fun to ride. Steep, twistys, curvy and some knarly drop-offs. Here's a pic looking back at one little part of it.

This looks like it could be fun ahead...

...cresting the top.

Hardly any traffic going our way, and what little there was, was easy to pass. Fun ride down.

A look back-

Threading our way thru the hills along the canyon bottom...we are getting close to Riggins.

I know this day is stretching out to a lot of photos. But it is a really great ride, and I'm cutting out huge chunks of it to keep it as small as it is.

Coming up on a big bridge, in the middle of "nowhere"...

...a look back at it as we get close to Riggins.

Stopped in Riggins for gas, and to eat lunch. Small town, many folks here for fishing.

Back rolling...

...a look back as we ride thru some beautiful country.

Here's a pic as we pass a motel that we stayed in a few years back. Very nice place, a bit outside of McCall.

There's a short, steep & tight section of road before coming into McCall. Lot of fun!

Rolling thru McCall.

Not far outside of McCall it looked like some heavy rain ahead. We stopped, put on rain suits and as soon as we started back rolling, the rain started coming down.

After getting thru the valley that McCall is in, the road turned tight and twisty.

There was a lot of traffic going the opposite way, guess they were headed to the hills for the weekend. Not much traffic going our way.

This fun road follows along side a river.

We stopped along side it... a spot where there was a lot of white water, AND 2 kids unloading their kayaks.

We talked to them during the 20 minutes they took to prep...

...for their ride down.

Crazy! To me this looks...

...far more dangerous than riding a motorcycle. But they were pumped for their afternoon ride!

We're back rolling now. Beautiful afternoon riding!

About 10 miles down the road are a hundred plus vehicles...this is the end of the 10 mile ride down the river for many.

Fun road, elevation changes, curves, little traffic, good road surface, and great scenery!

This afternoon is just a great day riding...

...along side the river!

A look back at the curve we (and the river) just went thru in the proceeding photo.

Getting near the end of the part of the road winding thru the canyon. What a great ride!!!

The road has opened up now, and Mary got a ton of cool cloud pics.

Rolling up a steep and winding road, with a picture perfect "back-drop".

Looks like there is no more rain between here and Mary's moms, plus it is getting warmer, so we stopped and stowed the rain jackets.

Shadow Pic-

Getting close. We've ridden 142 miles since Riggins and have 12 to go. Pretty excited about our stay in Meridian. Tomorrow we celebrate Mary's 62nd birthday!

Last cloud pic of the day.

We'll be here for a few days, then head off for Klamath Falls, Oregon.