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Day 29 Continued-

Day 29 Continued-

Continuing the ride down from Pikes Peak, sometimes the road is curvy and feels like a symphony with the rhythm of the road...

...this road, more often, is sharp, banked and steep turns...

...which are a ton of fun!

A look behind. We are having a blast riding with Scott and Karin.

We pulled over at the side of the road where there was a waterfall (and then forgot to take a pic of it! lol ) to stop for lunch.

We sat on those covered hay bales and ate lunch, watched the cars and bikes going thru the corner, and had a good time talking.

After eating, walked just a bit into the woods...

...near a small stream.

Resumed the ride down the hill, Scott is back leading.

As we got closer to the bottom we started seeing a bit more traffic.

More in next post.