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Day 29- Klamath Falls

Today we head out for Klamath Falls, Oregon. It's 420 miles, most of it 2 lane roads. We may have time to veer off and see Crater Lake again.

Ready to roll after 3 days off-

Right off the bat, we can tell it's gonna be a good day!

About an hour out and we're in Oregon (one of two States we're rolling thru that is not reciprocal with my MS CCW)

Another cloud pic-

Speeding up to 80+ mph to pass this semi-

Oregon is not normally thought of as a desert area. But until you get near the west coast, it is pretty desolate.

There are some nice curves and elevation changes thru this desert area. btw, central and eastern Oregon is the only spot in the lower 48 where I've come close to running out of gas because there are so many miles between gas stations (that was a few years ago).

Cruise set at 65 mph, road is smooth and flat, just a couple of fingers is all that's needed to negotiate the gentle curves in the road.

Lots of long straight road...

...much of which requires no hands at all!

This is a desolate place...

...we're on the 395 now and it's not much different, other than the road surface is not as good.

A look back...

...and a look ahead- 30 miles LATER! It's pretty devoid of humans and any kind of man-made anything...other than the road.

We finally pull into Christmas Valley and get some fuel.

Not sure why it's called that...and I did no research, because (no offense to anyone in Oregon) not much in Oregon interests me...we're just passing thru to get to where we really want to be.

A little bit out of Christmas Valley, this is what the GPS is showing...a big lake dead ahead...

...but there is no lake there....this is where a lake used to be!

Trees and curves! Been a few hundred miles since we've seen any real trees!

Not long after getting into these trees we saw some BLM land. Pulled a bit into it and stopped to have lunch.

Back rolling...trees & curves- yay!

Shadow pic-

Entering Klamath Falls Marshland-

This is some beautiful curving road...the speed limits here are insane...guess it is all part of the west coast thing to "protect people from themselves". They have 35 and 45 mph signs in gentle curves that almost anywhere else would be 55 and 65, and in Montana would be 70-75. No one around, we rode what was safe.

This is an elevated road, that goes for quite a few miles. Marsh on either side. Can't really tell in the photo, but some of the mountains in the distance are snow covered.

As we were riding I caught a glimpse of these ducklings following their mama. Turned around and went back, pulled to the side of the road and watched them paddle around for awhile.

We're getting close...

...Upper Klamath Lake. This is one BIG lake!!!!

Pulling into Klamath Falls. Soon after passing this sign we saw the first Super 8 and stopped there for the night. It is right next to a Subway, so we did not go to a grocery store tonight. Mary got some sandwiches while I filled the TG up with fuel.

Tomorrow we head for Northern Cali.