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Day 30- Willow Creek CA

We're headed for Willow Creek, CA today. We've ridden the 299 once before, and ever since I've been looking forward to riding it again. PLUS, we'll be stopping at Shasta Lake!

Leaving out of the Super 8 in Klamath Falls...

...headed for the California border!

Pulling up to the Inspection Station, where they will either let us in to Cali or not...

...guess we look harmless enough, they did not inspect anything.

Rolling along some hilly sweeping road!

Pulled over at a Scenic stop for a view of Mt. Shasta...

...after reading thru some of the specs, and taking in the view, we're back rolling.

Miles and miles of amazing views of this 14,000+ foot monster!

We get to Weed, California and hop on Interstate 5....

...and we still have a great view of Mt. Shasta!

Normally we travel secondary roads when possible, but today we're going to follow Interstate 5 all the way down to Redding. I want to see Shasta Lake again, plus I have ants in my pants to get on the 299. lol

We saw no bears, but...

...for a freeway, the 5 in this section is pretty curvy, light traffic, and fun to ride.

Ate up some miles and we're at the lake. Took a small access road....

...that was 1 lane gravel for about a mile...

...down to the lake. Parked in the shade, had a snack, hung out for a while...

...enjoying the view.

Headed back up the hill...

...the road is pretty narrow, but the view is great!

Back on the asphalt now...

and back onto the Freeway.

We're on the 299 now. Been thinking about this road for a few years (since the 1st time we rode it). About 1/2 of it is very fast and curving, the other 1/2 a bit tighter and more narrow. ALL FUN!

299 Rocks if you like the curves!

The views are varied and all good!

Lots of elevation changes mixed in with the curves. The photo's do not do it justice.

A look back, and...

...another look back. (a lot of times, when we've gone thru a section of curves at a pretty good pace, Mary will take a photo looking back at them, since she may have been holding on too tight while going thru them to get any pics. lol )

Not any room to make the road wider without blowing up the mountainside. Beautiful riding!

Newly finished road surface. If you google the map from Redding Ca to Willow Creek Ca, you will see all the twists, turns and curves of this road!

View of Trinity River at 60 mph.

If you have a chance to ride the 299, if you like the curves, I think you'll enjoy it.

At Willow Creek we decide to stay in the BIGFOOT Motel. lol It is a novelty, but a bit old, not sure we'll stay here again.

Tomorrow's a Full Day! We're going to the Redwoods, then riding PCH and I've made reservations at a hotel in Point Arena Cove. It's a surprise for Mary.