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Day 33-34 Visiting Familiy

Day 33 & 34-

We've spent 2 full days visiting and looking around the area with Jill & Dustin. It's been a fantastic time!

The first afternoon we were here I took Jill for a ride in some of the local twisties. No pics were taken, but here we are coming back-

Later that afternoon Dustin took Jill out for a "10 minute" putt. About 40 minutes later they returned. lol They have some great roads in the area, winding thru the Redwoods. It's easy to lose track of time and enjoy running thru the curves. Here they are leaving out-

The first day we were here we hung out, did some shopping, drove down to Santa Cruz, had lunch, walked along the canal. A great day!

Here's Mary and Jill along the canal-

Yesterday we went to the Roaring Camp Railroads. It was quite an experience. Here's a few pics from our time there. Definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.

Pre-Harley Transportation-

Taking a ride on the train thru the Redwoods-

Dustin and I paid to pan for gold...we both found little pieces. I definitely see how easy it would be to get the gold bug! lol

We headed over to Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Amazing place with a nice self guided tour all the way thru.

The HC Redwoods Park is only a 5 minute walk from their home. But even closer is a stream...just a 3 minute walk thru the Redwoods. We had a good time exploring around.

Yep, these trees are monsters!

The four of us down by the river-

We've had a great time...and time has been too short. Tomorrow we leave for Lee Vining, via Sonora Pass.