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Day 35 Continued & Concluded-

Day 35 Continued & Concluded-

Back on the road after the toll booth. Yep, their mattress is getting wet AND it is trying to fly off their vehicle.

About an hour later, I had stopped for gas and then caught up/passed them again.

I missed the sign for entering into Oklahoma...must have been in the rain somewhere...but this is Oklahoma now.

Passing thru Tulsa, taking the Broken Arrow turn off, to the southeast. Decided to stay in Muskogee tonight.

In the late 90's I had business that took me to Oklahoma more than a few times. The roads were horrible then, and ever since I have avoided Oklahoma.

When planning this trip I thought they have had almost 20 years to get their act together, maybe it won't be so bad now.

No offense to those who live in Oklahoma...but the roads are still terrible. I suspect it will be another 15-20 years before I ride thru that State again.

In the final stretch to reach Muskogee. Looking at this photo of the road surface, it does not look bad...but it is bad, very bad.

Talking to the clerk at the hotel, his words were "we have more toll roads than any other State, and worse roads than any other State, someones pocketing the money."

Turn off to Muskogee.

Tomorrow I am taking imold's advice and going to hit Mt. Nebo in Arkansas. Will be posting up pics soon.