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Day 37-39 Visiting Family

These 3 days in Boulder City are to celebrate both my folks turning 80 this year. They are still VERY active, working and traveling the world. While they have 4 kids, 45+- grandchildren & great grandchildren, only 11 of us were able to make it to this get together...but we have had a great time!

We went out on my brother Greg's boat. Up top...

...and below-

parked in a cove and had a blast messing around in the water.

The neighborhood Greg & Marci live in is invaded by Mountain Sheep everyday. They roam wherever they want.

These are the "mountains" they come down from every morning...

...a few of us went up there for a look around.

Greg's grandson, Christopher...

...earned a little green giving the TG a wash.

We had a double birthday celebration-

Us kids are most fortunate!

Tomorrow morning Mary and I are off for Mt. Zion National Park, and then on to Galaxy Biker Motel in Hatch, Utah!