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Day 37-The End of this Trip...until the next one!

Day 37-The End of this Trip...until the next one!

On the 55 now, still in Memphis, here's the off-ramp to Graceland.

Crossing into Mississippi-

Soon after, I got off the interstate and took back-roads the rest of the way home.

We have seen a great many sights this trip, but it is nice to be back home and enjoying the roads I ride regularly.

We don't have anything in the way of mountains or tight twistsy, but, near the house, we have a hundreds of miles of nicely wooded country roads with sweepers...

very little traffic, and nice road surfaces.

Home & unloaded!

This trip was one that we concentrated more on visiting family & friends, and less on putting on the miles and seeing everything possible. We had to modify our route a bit, and cut it short a few days, but still rode a little over 10,000 miles.

We made a ton of great memories, and some new friends too!

Scott & Karin in Colorado-

Favorite pics of the trip!