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Day 4- A23/Pig Trail

Day 4

Today we rode the A23/Pigs Trail, had lunch in Oark, paid respects to Larry Weaver.

Before leaving of one side of the Regency Inn-

and the other side-

Ok, here we go...

...a lot of folks rate this as one of the best rides in the USA. We certainly enjoyed it.

Morning clouds that have not burned off yet.

The road is in good condition, rolling curves, lots of elevation change, riding thru the woods (some of my favorite)...

...fantastic scenery.

There was very little traffic, letting us roll at our desired speed. We only had to pass a few vehicles in over 150 miles was this big load of shit...we were happy to get that smell behind us. lol

I have no idea what kind of acrobatics Mary is doing back there to get pics like this.

My favorite kind of road, curves running thru the woods with the trees making a canopy over the road.

Gary & JoAnn running the trail with us.

Mary took over 300 pics, having a hard time choosing which to post. Will post another 10-20, when time allows.

Love how the road disappears into the forest.

Another acrobatic photo's a cambered road, and we're taking it low & inside, at a good clip....she leans over to the right and reaches forward to get the camera even or a bit in front of my leg.

I have a Pavlovian response to signs like this...they mean FUN AHEAD!

And a sign like this is like a booklet full of E-Tickets!

Nice S curve, just one of miles of them.

Pretty cool pic, looking back-

Before we know it, 80 miles of fun are behind us and we're in Oark at the Oark Cafe-

Food was good, folks were friendly, then we saw a three ring binder with photo's & a memorial of our friend Larry Weaver. He was murdered by some motorcycle thieves 2 years ago. LINK if you want to see some pics of Larry doing what he loved.

It is good of the folks at the Oark Cafe to keep this memorial of him.

Ok, back on the road that Larry loved riding.

Back Rolling-

​​​​​​​Day 4 concluded in the next post.

The roads in these parts are just a ton of fun with curves, beautiful scenery...

...and more curves!

Looking back in a curve-

Still rolling at 50+ mph right before the 10 mph sign. I probably hauled it down to 20-25 mph.

Most those that ride HD Trikes know how well the handle...akin to a go-cart or a Porsche, for the uninitiated, I know they look like a bug than can easily tip over, but it is a rare stock HD 2 wheeler that can keep up with a HD Trike in the twisties. HD nailed the handling with them.

The Pig Trail was perfect today...hardly any traffic, mostly dry, scenic and just a great riding road.

Climbing, cambered curves...

...rolling, cambered curves...

...The Pig Trail!

Cloud Pic-

Some other folks out, looks like they're enjoying a great day of riding as much as we are!

That's it for our time in the Ozarks. Tomorrow morning we leave out for Dodge City, Kansas.