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Day 4- Part III

Day 4 Part III

Happy, as always, to not be leaving anything on the Tree of Shame!

We hung out at Deals Gap for awhile, ate, talked about riding The Dragon 2 more times....but we were a bit short on time and wanted to ride Cherohala Skyway.

So a bit later we are on our way...

...even though we filled up at Deals Gap, getting to Cherohala, and then riding thru the Skyway, is a bit more than the 2.1 gallon tank will we pull over for Blake to top off.

Hung out there for a few minutes before getting back on the bikes.

The Skyway has a lot of fast sweepers, a few tight curves... of the youtube videos has an S Sweeper in it. I was doing 75 mph and was in it that 1 sweeper for just shy of one minute. Fantastic riding!

It is also a very scenic ride, the colors are just starting to change.

We pulled over at this scenic lookout...

...Panoramic shot of it.

Devin & Blake decided they wanted to do a little drag race, uphill, on the Skyway.

CLICK HERE to see a video on one of their three runs.

The Target Tuned, NRHS 1250 DK Sporty easily pulled away each time.

More in next post.