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Day 42- Utah Colorado Kansas

We are up early this morning. We want to cover a lot of miles...600 or more...and get stopped before it is too hot.

The sun is just peaking out over the horizon...

...and we're already packed up. Yes, we started when it was still completely dark!

Leaving out from the Super 8. You can see in this pic that Green River is quite the metropolis! lol

A look back as we head toward I70-

These early mornings are still a novelty to me! haha

Lots of road to burn up today.

A look back...some amazing road we traveled yesterday!

It soon becomes apparent....

...that this morning is not going to be the same scenery as yesterday.

Entering Colorado!

At first I thought that was smoke ahead...turns out it was a dense layer of fog!

The long road to Grand Junction...

...Fruita! Almost to Grand Junction.

We thought about giving Alan a call...but we want to cover a lot of miles today, AND beat the heat, so we gas up in GJ and continue on our way!

Amazing views from the edge of Grand Junction...

...and more, as we head into...

...some curving road that...

...winds thru a canyon...

...along the Colorado River.

Rather than go over the rock, let's ride thru it!

This area, outside of Grand Junction, riding along the Colorado River, still well before noon....just a great riding experience!

Making our way toward Glenwood Springs...where we were a few weeks ago.

This is an amazing day riding...

...winding our way thru the mountains...

...and sometimes THROUGH the mountain!

We're making good time... we head toward our last mountain passes of this trip.

100 miles of some steep and beautiful country before Denver!

There's a fair amount of traffic on the road, but the road is fun and the sights are great!

We're climbing pretty good now...

...toward Silverthorne. Stopped near Dillion Reservoir to change batteries in the camera and video camera.

Rolling thru Silverthorne now. Headed up more mountain toward Eisenhower Tunnel!

It is hard to tell from these pics...but it is very steep as we ride beside...

...this classic automobile. It was pulling the hill fine!

Eisenhower Tunnel...'s another world inside the mountain!

Out the other side, and the highest altitude we'll be at for close to another year!

A mini tunnel-

Coming into Denver-

No use posting any pics of the traffic and craziness of getting thru Denver. Here we are on the other side, still on the 70-


On the 70, the east side of Denver could not be more different than the west side. It is flat, with the occasional hill, straight, with the occasional slight curve, and it just keeps going and going. Today it is also Very Windy!

Lot's of farmland is an understatement. I always am thankful for those who do all that hard work to get our stores stocked!


After 3 hours of relatively straight, flat road, with increasing crosswind, we leave the State of Colorado...

...and enter Kansas. It looks the same, but if anything the wind is stronger!

Mary in the mirror, and a fellow Triker heading west.

Soon after crossing into Kansas we decide to call it quits. We wanted to get further today, but the crosswind for the last 3+ hours has gotten stronger and stronger, and beat us up pretty good.

Stopping at the Conoco, up on the right, we find out that there has been a wind advisory...wind has been coming out of the north and gusting up to 65 mph!!!!

So the Super 8, in Goodland, KS is our home for tonight! We'll be sleeping well. lol

It's right about 1000 miles to home. Tomorrow we should get to somewhere in Missouri, maybe even Arkansas!