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Day 43- Kansas to Boonville MO

Early morning...not sure what time it is, this area of Kansas has a weird thing going with their time zones...but it is just getting light as I look out the room to see if the Trike is still there. Yep, with a Vette parked next to it!

It's gonna be a warm one today, so we get packed up pretty quickly. Trunk and...

...Tour-Pak,ready to go.

Getting geared up...

...Mary's waiting on me!

And we're off...

...still getting used to...

...these early mornings.

We have a lot of miles to cover today.

It is 5:24 am and already 64 degrees, gonna be a warm one...

...but there is no significant wind so far, and the road stretches out as far as we can see. Gonna settle in and eat up some miles, enjoying the open road!

Rolling along, cruise on 70 mph, couple of fingers on the left grip, and enjoying the ride!

Early morning shadow pic-

A look back...

...and a look ahead. Lots of food being grown, and no mountains in sight!

Mary taking a photo of herself at 70 mph, from above.

Some folks have asked about her helmet. She has an internal visor that comes about halfway down, then she's put black electrical tape across the bottom of her outside visor. Keeps the sun off her.

It's a lot of road! We chose to cross from the "west" to the "east" via the 70. The road is very smooth compared to crossing further south on the 40.

The land of hundreds (thousands?) of wind generators-

Coming down from a little plateau, lot more flat land ahead!

And a ways down the road, a look back!

It is starting to get warm. When we were stopped for gas Mary wanted some ice. I asked her why, it's only the low 90's. She said it worked so well when it was 114*, why not use it in the 90's to be cool. Ok!

Bit more traffic... we get closer to some population centers. Trees too!

And even more vehicles, and a lot of concrete!

Crossing into Missouri, getting close to Kansas City.

Traffic gets heavy, and close to a stop as the 70 goes thru downtown.

Just a bit more and we'll be clear-

Clear! Passing Outlaw HD in Blue Springs, MO-

Rolling thru a construction zone. Mary in the Mirror taking a photo of vehicles going the opposite direction separated by the concrete barriers. It seems a bit away in the photo, but with us going 60-70 and them doing the same, it feels pretty close with the 120-140 mph difference only a few feet away.

Back rolling normal now. There's a bit of traffic, but not bad...

...but there are some vehicles I want to get past. Wick it up to 90-95 mph and we're clear. At that speed I am fully focused, things can happen very quickly. Was not aware at the time, but Mary must have noticed the speed increase and decided to take a pic. You can see her in the mirror.

Mary's ice is getting low...

...and it's gone. All that's left are the plastic bags.

Cloud pic-

We're closing in on 600 miles for the day, decide to look for a Super 8...

Turns out there's one in Booneville...

Crazy thing...about 6-7 years ago we were at the end of a 50+ day trip and we stopped at a no-tell motel in Booneville. It was, to this day, the worst motel we've ever stayed in. I'll spare you the details, but will only say we slept on top of the bed, with all our clothes on!

This time we're staying in the Super 8 (which was not there last time we stopped in this city).

Tomorrow we're just shy of 500 miles to cover, and we'll be back home!