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Day 6- Alamosa, CO

Today we left out of Dodge City, headed for Alamosa, or further, we'll see how it works out.

It's cloudy, in the mid 70's, which is WAY MORE BETTER than yesterday afternoon in the high 90's. No rain, but plenty of long straight road.

This is a huge feed lot...what is in the photo below is less than 10% of how big it is.

The props on the wind generators are Humongous! There was a lot filled with them. We would have had to leave the road to get the entire length of one in a photo-

Mary in the Mirror as I am passing some slow pokes.

btw, with the previous mention of a radar detector...when traveling outside my home State. I usually stay within 5 mph of the speed limit. The only time I go over that is if the entire flow of traffic is moving faster (think the 405 in Cali). Even then, I try and stay no more than 9 mph over the posted limit.

The other exceptions are when passing someone, and of course, the twisties. I've found that the right speed for me in the twisties is 50-100% over the yellow signs showing the curve and the suggested speed.

Morning clouds burned off and we have a lot of blue sky. Mary took a lot of cloud pics today!

The route we're taking today is the 400, to the 50, to the 10, to the 160.

Here we are leaving Kansas...

...crossing into Colorful Colorado. BUT, it's the same as Kansas for quite a while....

...except for more tar snakes. Yep, Mary was bored of cloud pics and started taking photos of the road. lol

We are now on the 10...rain off in the distance, which would be welcome. It has climbed into high 80's.

The photo's cannot convey what we encountered on the long straight (sometimes flat, sometimes up & sometimes down hill) of the 10 today...

...I do not close my modular helmet unless it is raining VERY hard, or it's in the low 30's or lower. But today I had to. The temps climbed to 95, and the cross wind was a steady 40 mph, gusting up to 50 mph...

Mary in the mirror. I had the cruise set at 68 mph, and DOWNHILL I had to downshift to 5th just to maintain that speed against the wind. WOW.

Looking back, uphill, on the 10...

...that was a brutal 70 miles from La Junta to Walensburg. We've done it before, but never with that strong of a cross wind.

By the time we got to Walensburg, which is sort of a foothill town, the wind had died down. As we rolled thru town, this deer crossed the road in front of us and was going thru the yards in this neighborhood.

Leaving Walensburg we have our first mountains...Yeah!!! La Veta Pass of 9413 foot elevation... was great to get into some curvy roads, and a bit cooler weather.

It was definitely a fun road, and a sharp contrast to what we've been traveling the last two days.

After crossing the pass there is 20 miles or so of flat, high desert road before reaching Alamosa. This pic is looking back at the mountains we just crossed.

Earlier we thought about going further than Alamosa, but after that ride on the 10, we were ready to stop. So Alamosa it is.

Tomorrow we head up the Million Dollar Highway for Silverton!