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Day 7- Million Dollar Highway to Silverton

Today we're leaving Alamosa, and have reservations in Silverton, at the Triangle Motel. Not a lot of miles, but some absolutely beautiful country, and great riding. Mary took over 400 photos, and 98% of them are phenomenal. I am going to try and pare it down to 40.

I took this first photo...not all the stuff we're carrying, but what we brought into the room last night....all packed up this morning, ready to go back in the trunk and Tour-Pak.

Leaving Alamosa, a cloud pic and a Drive-in. We don't have drive-in movies in our part of the world, so always interesting to see one.

Another cloud pic as we head toward Wolf Creek Pass. It's our first pass of the trip, and at 10,857 feet, we're looking forward to it.

Passed by an entire line of old trains.

On the way to Wolf Creek Pass...

...heading up. This is why we ride thru long, straight, flat, hot, windy get to places like this.

Wolf Creek running along the side of the road.

Coming up on a tunnel...that's a lot of rock up there.

Coming up on another tunnel....

...and coming out of that tunnel, what a view!

Here we are approaching the summit of Wolf Creek Pass... many good photos of the climb up, but I just can't post them all. Here we are starting down. Looking back, uphill-

There are some nice curves on both sides of the pass.

One of thousands of amazing views today-

After reaching the bottom, we pass thru Pagosa Springs. Very cool town.

We stopped at Durgango HD, but they were closed. Took a few minutes to change batteries in the camera and the video camera....and also put on our electric jackets. We are headed up the Million Dollar Highway, and it will be chilly up there.

We're on the 550 now (aka Million Dollar Highway), absolutely beautiful, and very nice that there are very few other vehicles on the road.

Lot's of curves!!!!!

Spectacular views!!!!

And more curves with amazing views. Great combination!

The road up to Silverton is....

...just a lot of fun...

...with lots of curves.

The views are hard to beat too. Here we are pulling into a stop at the summit of Molas Pass. 10,910 feet elevation.

Mary at Molas Pass.

Back on the road...

...headed down the other side of the pass. If you ever get a chance to ride the Million Dollar Highway, it truly is a fun riding road, and absolutely beautiful. I've cut hundreds of pics out, all really great, simply can't put them all in here. Ride it, if you can.

Riding down into the Historic Town of Silverton.

We're staying the night here. We've visited before. They have a super interesting museum. But we've never stayed before.

After we checked into the newly renovated Triangle Motel, we cruised around town a bit.

Passenger Train Ticket office...

...or a Stage Coach if you prefer.

The Triangle Motel looks like a preferred place to stay for the night.

We rode out the opposite end of town from where we entered, up into the mountains a few miles....stopped when the asphalt ended.

Beautiful, and a mine every now and then....that's what Silverton was founded on, well over 100 years ago, mining.

We saw this little guy on the way up, and now on the way back down he is still there, so we stopped for a few photo's. He posed at all different angles for us...

...Mary said this was his best side. lol

Coming back into town from the mountains.

On the Main Drag.

Stopped here for supper...sorry to say, was not very good.

I TOLD You I was Sick! lol

That's it for today. Tomorrow we ride the rest of the Million Dollar Highway up to Ouray.