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Day 8- Million Dollar Highway to Ouray, CO

Today we are headed to Ouray. It is a whopping 24 miles. This has to be the shortest day of riding yet on any trip we've taken. I ride more than that just to work and back. lol

But we wanted to stay in Silverton, and we also wanted to meet Fuzzy for the day in Ouray.

BUT, that 24 miles from Silverton to Ouray are stunning!

Tail of the Dragon is only 11 miles long, but people come from around the world to ride it. The entire Million Dollar Highway is great, but the last 24 miles to Ouray are on par with Tail of the Dragon in terms of "must do". Some people may race on it like the Dragon, but with drop-offs of thousands of feet, probably most do not. But it has a lot of nice curves and incredible views!

So, here we go...

The motel we stayed in had ethanol free gas!

Before leaving, we decided to head for the hills, out the back side of Silverton....

...absolutely perfect day for riding.

Got to the end of the asphalt again, thought about it, but did not want to get we had ants in our pants to get on the MDH.

Saw this little waterfall feeding into the river on our way back.

Main drag in Silverton.

We really enjoyed our time here.

On our way, watching for wildlife!

This is a fun road...

...Curves, blue sky, clouds for Mary, snow on the mountains, 70 degrees....a Perfect Day.

Mary with her acrobatic photo taking. Fantastic view!

Climbing, curvy road, thankfully very little traffic.

A look back...

...and another...

...AND Another...

...And One More.

Fantastic Riding Combo...along side a stream, recent snow, breathtaking views, and don't miss the curves on the left side of the photo. Four Star!

Can you count how many curves in this photo? I'm seeing 6 of them.

A closer look at a few of them.

How about this one? I'm seeing 10.

It's hard to beat the riding on this road...

...Between the scenery and the "Fun Ahead" signs...'s another perfect day of riding!

Remember that sign at the beginning of the road out of Silverton?

Here are a couple that started crossing the road in front of us....we slowed way down, they got back on the side of the road and posed for a pic from Mary.

This road just begs to be ridden... we're getting to the serious canyon riding section. At this point it's a few hundred feet down from the road...

...up ahead it's quite a bit deeper. A very nice combination of twisties and curves.

It's quite a ways up from the road too! Don't know if you can see the waterfall?/stream? coming down the the middle of the photo.

A small view of a huge canyon with a road cut in the side.

There are very few guardrails, narrow road, and a long ways down. Gotta pay attention!

This canyon that the Million Dollar Highway is cut thru is Massive. This is just one few from the trike looking up the side. Wow!

We stopped at this waterfall, that flows Under the road....we are getting close to Ouray.

Mary on a walkway that extends out over the canyon.

Back on the curving road...

...the riding and the views are just spectacular!

The photos just don't do it justice. It's difficult to understand without riding it. We are Very happy we included this road on our list of "must do again".

The "Main Drag" in Ouray.

Having a little snack at the Rivers Edge Motel where we're staying...thinking about the amazing road we just traveled.

The river is just 20 yards from the door to our room.

Later that evening we had dinner on the Rooftop of the Ouray Brewery. This is one of the views we had while eating.

Tomorrow we visit with Fuzzy, and then head out to Woodland Park!