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Preparing for the Trip

When Mary and I started planning our Big Trip for 2018 we decided we wanted to ride as many spectacular roads and visit as many scenic locations as we could.

We have around 43 days, and a bunch of family, and a few friends to visit. They are all west of the Mississippi river.

So we began our list….

Bearthooth Pass
Northern California Coast
High Sierra’s
Mountain Passes in Colorado
Million Dollar Highway
Highway 12 in Idaho
National Parks in Utah

We began working with the calendar, the list above, plus the visits to friends and family, hammering out an itinerary.

Turns out there is a Trike Talk Get Together in Eureka Springs (Ozarks) that matches up with our calendar for a great start to this trip.

We’ll be posting photo’s as we go. Upon our return, there will be a few videos.

Couple of photo's of what we're looking forward to...

Beartooth Pass in June, and...

...time on the Open Road.

It looks like it will be around an 8k-9k mile trip. Not a lot of miles, but certainly some of the best riding roads and most scenic views west of the Mississippi.

The TG is ready, new tires, brakes, fluids, and a thorough going over.

Avon front tire-

Time for a wash...

...annual wax on....

...wax coming off.

Paint looks great in bright light...wish it always looked like this.

Packing everything we need for riding in 100+ degree temps and below freezing temps is always a challenge. We’ll be doing a test pack later today.

Just 1 more days at the shop before we take off!

Mary and I have ants in our pants to get out on the road! lol

We just finished test's been two years since we've been on a long trip, so I wanted to make sure we were good.

Oh, here's a photo of the new Comfortred rear tires we're running. Got about 600 miles on them and they feel good, been in some light rain, we're sure to hit some heavy rain on this trip, maybe some snow, so we'll see how they do.

So, here is most of the stuff we are taking...a few small odds and ends not in the pile.

It all fits, with quite a bit of room left over...

...only thing on the rack is the cooler.

Short day at the shop tomorrow, then Wednesday morning we hit the road til the first week of July!