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The Sportster- August 2016

The Sportster is getting some freshening up with some new mods!

Stay tuned for upcoming photo's and details!

Been wanting to do this for a couple of years, finally got around to it.

Black Bolt Covers-

Mocked up new dagger for sissy bar-

Installing the Target Tune...lots of extra wire length for the Sporty.

Amazing how much stuff fits behind the cover!

Have not had it out yet, still on the lift getting a few more things done. But I did start it up and let it run for a bit. Much crisper throttle response, and it was cool being able to watch the AFR being so stable and displayed on the monitor.

Looking forward to riding it. If it gets as good of a boost in power as the Street Glide did I will be Very happy!

Went for a little test ride after installing some new parts for the upcoming Hot Bike Tour.

Here are a couple of pics of the oil filter relocation that is part of getting it ready for the Hot Bike Tour.

There is plenty of room for an HD filter or K&N filter to be used with it too. Oil runs 10-15* cooler with the filter out in the wind, AND No More Mess when changing the oil!

Got the DK Sporty finished up for now. Ready to roll on the Hot Bike Tour next week.

Better pic of the new Sissy Bar Blade-

Got the Power Vision back on the handlebars, along with the ram-mount for the video camera.

Found that 6 psi in the shocks gives the best ride on bumpy roads.

Really looking forward to the trip. There will be 3 of us from DK Custom. Myself on this Sporty, Blake on the Project 48, and Devin on the Stage IV Street Glide.

I rode this Sporty on the 2013 Hot Bike Tour and had a blast. Was the only Sporty that went the entire route.

Hoping to get some good video as we tear around the Smokeys.

Our ride out to the Smokies on the Hot Bike Tour 2016 has come and gone.

Here's a short report on how the things I did worked out for the 1000 miles of riding.

We tore around the mountains, with some pretty intense and high RPM, high throttle riding. We had a blast and really put the bikes (and the riders) thru their paces.

1. The new dagger I mounted lasted almost 4 days. Midway thru the 4th day the handle/hilt started getting a bit loose, so I removed it before it fell off. It is a full tang construction, but cheap metal. Might have to modify it, or just get a quality dagger to put on there.

2. The Rock-It Shifter really was the cats meow as I was jamming up and down the gears in the twisties. Still can't believe how much faster I can shift with that thing.

3. This bike has a ton of power with the NRHS 1250 upgrade, PP Stage I, Custom Exhaust and Power Vision basic autotune. But adding the Target Tune increased the power Much More than I thought it would. Besides the VERY noticeable & significant increase in power, amazingly I also got better MPG.

Getting this thing on the dyno to see what kind of numbers it is putting out is going to happen later this month. It was also really nice to be able to monitor the AFR 100% of the time with the wideband sensors.

4. With the Oil Filter Relocation, not only is it nice to be able to change the oil easily, & with no mess, but I ran a solid 15* cooler with the filter out in the wind and the engine unblocked by the filter.

5. One other part (which we have not pictured or released any info on yet) worked flawlessly, and has gone into production.

We absolutely ran the crap out of our bikes these 5 days. At 58, I do not know how many more times I will be cheating death at speeds up to 75 mph on the Dragon, and 95 mph thru a lot of sweepers. But we had a blast, and everything held together well!

One exception besides the dagger...I ground my heel rests down to practically nothing in the twisties. Also scraped my jiffy stand a bunch of times, (and this was with 13" rear shocks) but only once did I push the jiffy into the frame enough to get the back tire a little light. (yep, that scared me, more than a little, and afterwards I was leaning the bike less, and leaning my body more).

You can see the Ride Report (in progress as of 10-3-16) with photos and video at this link.