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There were dozens of shelves with different parts.

There were dozens of shelves with different parts in various stages of completion.

They don't make the blank slip-ons...they arrive like this, then they do the finish work to them.

They do form the headers, and there is an entire section of the plant just for that.

Just some of the many racks of wheels in various stages.

They used to have 30+ humans hand polishing the wheels prior to chroming (after being cut in the CNC machines). They now have two robots like this and only 3 humans doing the final polishing before chroming.

They do their own in-hose chroming. All their parts have a 5 year warranty on the chrome finish. It takes about 1.5 hours for two wheels to go down the line being dipped in a series of vats.

Then they end up on the shelf, ready for shipment.

Still more shelves of various components.

More in next post.