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Day 14 - Attempting to Cross the Border with NO ID

We are going to hook up...

...load up...

...and try and cross the border with no ID.

Two hours later, still in line.

No cameras allowed at the actual border crossing.

Mary is one happy camper!

After 15 minutes, the Border Agent let us back into the USA. A huge load of stress gone!

Less than an hour later we are in the San Diego, California, USA Walmart parking lot!

We're here to do some shopping, and go to the Verizon store to get our stolen phones replaced.

We got the groceries, but not the phones. Even though we had all our passwords and could answer all the security questions. They could not replace them without ID, which we still don't have. lol

That's ok. We have enough cash to get enough gas to get us to Bagdad, Arizona, where we are meeting Kurt to do some riding! 

On the road we go! Drove til the Golden Acorn Casino, about halfway between Alpine and El Centro, Cali.


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