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Day 9 - Robbery Day

Today we decide to ride up to Tijuana. It's a bit cloudy, but should burn off by afternoon...

The Popotla RV Park has spaces, like we're in, for RV's. But there are also a bunch of "permanent" homes here too.

It is a secure facility, with controlled access, guards patrolling and 40 security cameras being monitored 24/7.

Speed Limit inside is 5 mph, and they do not allow motorcycles. We got an exception, partly based on me not having swapped out the stock exhaust yet. 

Riding toward the gated entrance/exit this morning.

Once outside the gate... is less the 1 km to the first Military Checkpoint.

They know us here, that we are staying in Popotla, and usually just wave us thru.

The main road between where we're staying and the Toll Road to Tijuana is the Avenue of the Artisans... is about 5 km long before reaching the southern part of Rosarito. But this is where we get on the Toll Road to TJ.

Once on the Toll Road it is 34 km to Tijuana... is pretty much like an interstate or freeway. Speed limit ranges between 55-66 mph.

This is something you don't see much of. A guy lives here, right on the side of the Toll Road in this Tent/Shack.

Here and there along the coastline are high rise hotel resorts already built, and new ones going up, for the large # of tourists that Baja California gets.



Still on the Toll road...

...enjoying the ride up to...

...TJ. They've done a fair amount of work getting a nice road along the coast.

"The Bridge"

"The Exit"

Paying our $ as we exit the Toll road and...

...go thru the second military checkpoint of the day.

Straight ahead, on the hill, those are the double border walls. Later today we'll be riding down to the Tijuana Beach (Playa). Right now we're headed to downtown TJ.

Straight ahead, and to the right is Tijuana, everything to the left is San Diego County, California.

Getting into TJ traffic now.



Typical TJ traffic...

...there is a unique energy to the organized chaos of the streets.

After getting to our appointment and taking care of business, we get ready to leave the secure parking facility...

...and head back into TJ traffic...

...we want to ride around downtown a bit... has been several decades since I last rode a motorcycle down here. Just like in California, lane splitting is still ok...

But the Military cruising around downtown is sorta new.

This is the old main drag...

...of downtown "tourist" TJ.

Ok, enough of downtown, time to head to the beach.



Playas de Tijuana-

On the other side of the multi-colored wall straight ahead is the USA, or more specifically, California.

This is the same area where so many photos of folks climbing the wall end up in news reports.

Lots of tourists here today, taking photo's in front of the sign.

Time to turn around, and ride along the beach. We almost stopped... this couple on their Harley, to take a walk down to the beach...

...but looking down the road, we decided not to. We like the beach where we're staying better.

Headed away from the beach...

...back up to the Cuota (Toll Road, aka the "1D") to where we're staying in Popotla.



Back on the "Scenic Highway"...

...a nice view of the Pacific off to the right.

Back at the Toll Booth-

It really is a nice road along the coast...

The clouds have mostly burned off & we decided to stop at this scenic pull-out... really is quite picturesque...

...time to get some nice footage.

But, it was not to be. If you watched the video at the beginning of this Ride Report, this is when and where it happened.

Last photo of Day 9...sunset back at camp.


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