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Day 15- Dubois, Wyoming

Today is a short 300 miles from Laramie to Dubois, Wyoming, where Mary has made reservations at the Super-8 there. Getting much closer than that to the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone, and the availability of rooms get scarce and the prices go WAY up!

Headed out...

We didn't see much traffic all day, but somehow I got in this situation-one that I try and avoid. A trailer carrying a truck ahead, and in the other lane a car with an overloaded ???? barely strapped to the roof.

I got around and past these two pretty quickly.

A typical look ahead today...

...and a look behind.

And another look ahead, clouds are burning off above some long straight road...

...and another look behind.

Mary's trigger finger was getting twitchy...only so many cloud and blank land pics to be she worked on getting photo's from above...

Cruise on 72 mph and no hands. Road was pretty flat, so I could go about a quarter of a mile without needing to touch the bars. Sounds like a long ways, but at 72 mph, that's only about 12 seconds.

Most of the miles today were eaten up with a couple of fingers on one grip.

As we got closer to Dubois, there was some variation in the landscape...decided to stop here, by the river, to eat our lunch.

It was nice by the river.

While eating lunch near the river we noticed a deer on the other side-

After a relaxing lunch, and spending 45 minutes looking around the side of the river, it's time to head out...

...Riding back up the gravel drive to the asphalt.

A look back-

As we get closer to Dubois, we are seeing some variation in the landscape.

Off to the side-

We're here!

Photo in shop window-

Dubois has a population of less than 1,000. When we went shopping in town, we had a surprise!!! We met decman from XL Forum. Did not even know he lived here. He thought he recognized Mary from our Ride Reports, then he saw the Trike with the DK 3 Plate.

We chatted for a while, and he gave us some tips for our ride tomorrow. Good People!

We have not ridden a lot in the last two days, but we're both sort of tired, probably from so much riding the previous 5 days! Wish we could have spent more time with decman!

We headed off to the Super-8, our home away from home.

Tomorrow we head over to the Grand Tetons, and then up to the West entrance of Yellowstone!