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Day 19 Small Update-

Here are a few photos from when we arrived in Stanley that I just located.


After getting settled in our room we walked next door to the restaurant for marys Birthday dinner.

At the entrance they had a bear...had to take a photo-



While we were there 7 guys who were riding from Boise to Challis were there for a meal (and to warm up).

Saw one bike-



Then saw the others...all Pans & Shovels.

They had gone a different route than us, but they were pressing on after their meal.

Had to get a few close-up's-



Yep, they were cold and wet, but at 30-40 years younger than us, I reckon they can handle it. 

Unlike us, they had a chase vehicle...didn't ask them why, but I suppose it was because all the bikes were older than the guys riding them, AND I don't think any of them had tanks big enough to make it on some of the stretches between gas stations.

They're final destination is for Lolo, MT.