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Day 36-

Day 36-

Leaving my home away from home in Muskogee-

Headed for Arkansas.

More toll stops in OK. This is the last one.

Had the road pretty much to myself for a good bit...enjoying the open road.

Passing the turn-off for the 40 headed west, a bit down the road is the 40 headed east...

...on the 40 now, not long before I cross into Arkansas. More traffic now, including some fellow travelers.

Arkansas! Got a few hundred miles of road in this State, then a corner of Tennessee, then a 75 miles of familiar road in Mississippi before arriving home.

But first a detour to Mt. Nebo, and then Hot Springs.

I turned off the 40 at Dardenelle, got gas and headed to Mt. Nebo.

I like signs like this....they mean Fun Ahead!

Headed into the first of many switchbacks... the middle of the switchback.

More in next post.