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Day 36 Concluded-

Day 36 Concluded-

The 7, running from Dardanelle to Hot Springs is about 60 miles of some great riding.

It is a fun road with...


...elevation changes...


...winding sometimes, sharp sometimes...

...just a great riding road. A welcome change after the straight riding of east Colorado, Kansas and Oklahoma!

Oh, and sprinkled with old bridges!

There was very little traffic between Dardanelle and Hot Springs. That changed when I hit the tourist town of Hot Springs.

This looks like a fun work truck!

Once I got thru Hot Springs, it was a hop, skip and a jump to Malvern.

I could have pushed thru to Mississippi today, but it was extremely hot & muggy, and the air conditioning of the Super 8 on the side of the road was calling my name.

Day 37 coming soon.