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Day 2

Short Flashback....

...Got a few more photos of the Grand Teton National Park.

Another sunset photo, showing our traveling home on the road... morning. What a view, no matter how many times we're here, this place is amazing.

Mary and I at Jackson Lake

Leaving Shoshone falls we are crossing the Snake River and see these crazy guys climbing over the rails to jump down...

...into the canyon. Parachutes, helmets and a GoPro......and some folks say riding a motorcycle is dangerous. hahahaha

They jumped out of view-

We made it to Meridian, Idaho. Spent a few days visiting family. My back is better enough that we got a bit of riding in. 

Next we're headed off to see Alan (FuzzyWuzHe) in Grand Junction. We stopped at this gas station in Green River. Yes, this is a gas station, but the dust storm is so strong you can't see the pumps.

Made it to Grand Junction....Kevin, FBG and Alan...

...and KIRA...

...Kira Action Photo.

Next we're off to Ouray, Box Canyon, Million Dollar Highway, Molas Pass and more...finally, we'll be doing a lot of riding.