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Day 8

Riding into town to meet up with...

...everyone going on todays epic ride that Kurt has planned.

Off we go, headed out of town!


What an epic ride today is. (Mary took 1008 photos. I'm sharing just a small fraction of them)

Climbing into the mountains...

...a look back.

Up in the trees now...

...another look back.

Some deer along the way.

Pulling over for a little break at Hannagan Meadow.

Back in the wind, and there is this ONE OF A KIND sign. 60 miles of fun ahead!

The curves and hills begin...

It's like flying...

...and it gets even better!


This section of road we're on is the 191 between Hannagan Meadow and Morenci, aka Coronado Trail. If you like elevation changes and twisties, look it up on google maps, and try and make your way out there.

Another Sign, pretty much guaranteeing Fun Ahead!

YES, we're on the road. It's that twisty!

Same here, tight turn with big, fast elevation drop. Love it!

This road is a blast...

...that's the kind of sign I like to see.

Coronado Trail...

...I'm glad Kurt brought us here today...

...I would have never guessed this gem of a road...

...would be found in Arizona.

Absolutely Amazing!


Continuing on down the Coronado Trail... has been a spectacular ride, with amazing views.

On the outside of Morenci, we ride right thru the middle of the Morenci Mine, an open pit copper mine... is huge, this is a view of just a small section of it.

On into the outskirt of town, we stop for some fuel for the trikes and for ourselves.

We're back rolling now, headed out of town...

...on some open road toward New Mexico!

A look back at 70 MPH.

We're climbing again, on some curvy road. What a great day of riding!!!

A look down and back at just a few of the curves we've just ridden.


A view to the side as we climb this mountain.

Topping the mountain, we are now in New Mexico!

Making the turn off the 78, onto the 180 in New Mexico...

Some great hills and curves on this road...

...a bit of a different perspective.

Getting a bit later in the afternoon....Shadow Pic!

A look back. What a great road and great folks to be riding it with!!!

We've seen smoke all day from a couple of different fires burning, but this one was probably the closest.

More Curvy Mountain riding... is steeper than it looks in this photo!

MUCH STEEPER! I really like riding roads with elevation changes AND curves!

A look back at some fun road! This day has kicked ass. Great folks to ride with, fantastic scenery, and fun roads!

Three Days of Riding Kurt has planned, and this is only the first day!!!

Getting close to Alpine...

...back at basecamp in Alpine, AZ. right as the sun was setting.