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Day 3

Day 3-

Headed to Sioux Falls and met Bill on his 2016 Tri Glide. Sharp ride.

We had a good visit, covering a variety of subjects. Super glad he made the trip down to meet us. Good people.

After our visit we headed west on the 90. Bill had recommended we stop at the Chamberlain Rest Area, just east of the Missouri River.

We did. 50 foot tall Native American Indian "Dignity" Statue there-

Inside the visitor center/rest area is a Lewis & Clark Museum. Very interesting. We spent about an hour going thru looking at all the exhibits and reading info on their expedition. 

Leaving the rest area we crossed the Missouri River...

...and settled in for the long road across southern SD toward the Black Hills.

When we got to the Badlands we drove thru the park, but took very few photos...

...our plan was to stay on a bluff above the Badlands...

...we could have camped right here, and then taken the bike and ridden thru the Badlands the next day...

...but there was rain in the distance, headed our way. We did not want to get stuck here, 1 mile down a "road" that turns to mud when it rains.

Here's just a little taste of the mile dirt road to the bluffs...

...some of the ruts were much deeper, where folks before us had gotten stuck.

So, we headed to yet another Rest area for the night. Mile Marker 100. Got a great sleep.

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