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Time in Bella Coola continued.

Time in Bella Coola continued.

While at the little picnic area down by the sea, John related to us the stories of the Sasquatch, including the time he saw one.

Heard stories of bear encounters, including when John was 20 feet from a grizzly that just walked by him and his friend.

Went to another fishing spot...

...had lunch & fished some's just too early for the Salmon.

We had a great time learning and casting, appreciating the beauty of Bella Coola...

... and learning about the NuXalt Nation.

Went back to the motel...after we stopped by Johns house where he got some prawns and smoked salmon that he shared with us.

A bit later we rode 15 KM up the road to Leonards and returned the fishing pole to him, along with the new 40# line we had put on it. Here are a couple of pics along the way.

Sun is starting get get low.

We took one last ride back down to the sea, and sat and just was in awe of the mountains surrounding this harbor.

This is a Panoramic pic...might get a better view of it if you click on the pic.

Tomorrow we go back up "The Hill", back to Nimpo Lake.