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Day 28 Concluded.

Day 28 Concluded.

I apologize for the break in posting. Had a lot going on the last few days.

So, we have seen some amazing sights today. Riding down out of the Rocky Mountain National Park is literally coming down from the mountain-tops!

It was a beautiful, if somewhat sedate ride down, following a line of cars.

Down at the "bottom" now. We are "out of the mountains" but still at around 8000 feet elevation.

Headed for Colorado Springs now, mostly via secondary, country roads, we are following Scott & Karin back to their stomping grounds.

Those mountains in the distance lie between us and Colorado Springs. Yeah!

We stopped and topped off our tanks and are back rolling.

Back in the mountains!

See that yellow sign on the right....

...that means "fun ahead".

We are really enjoying riding with Scott & Karin. They are good people, and my riding style is very much like Scotts, so I am not feeling held back by him, nor feeling like I have to push it to keep up.

This is a FUN road!!!

More in next post.