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Day 7

Headed out of our campsite in Utah... Arizona. Kurt has organized three days of riding for a bunch of us Trikers. Gonna be a blast!

Well...that's a sign of the times.

A look back at Utah...

...this really is a different kind of traveling. Carrying our home with us and riding in all the great spots.

We take a little detour and visit some ruins at Wupatki National Monument.

Then headed over to Sunset Crater National Monument...

...walked around one of the lava fields.

There are hundreds (thousands?) of acres of lava fields and cinder cone fields.

Last night we stayed here.


Out for a morning walk before heading on to meet up with Kurt.

Had to stop here...

...for a couple of pics.

Another little detour to check out the Petrified Forest National Park. Well worth it if you have a chance.

Pulled up to the BLM land in Alpine, Arizona. Kurt was already there.

Camp set up. Trike unloaded. Some folks stop by this afternoon. Tomorrow we ride!

View of moon rising at camp.