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Day 22 continued.

Day 22 continued.

Coming out of the rain, fantastic views and road!

Eating some miles!

We stopped in a little rest area and had our sandwiches.

We just love it up here (during the summer...not to sure how we'd like it in the winter )

We're on the 24 now, it is a really fun road that comes into 100 Mile House from the back.

Part of it is pretty tight and steep...we saw several sports cars on this road that were just moving out...probably double the speed limit. About a 5 mile section of it had small gravel and sand on it, made for some nice drifting in the curves.

btw, I am super impressed with the rear tire on the front. It has MUCH more grip than the front tire, and it is lasting really well also. On this section, with the stock front tire, it would have been washing out at much slower speeds than I was going...and this one was sticking just fine.

For those that are interested, I was accelerating, uphill, and was able to drift the rear tires, and the front tire was holding just fine.

Looks like some rain up ahead, but.... wasn't. It was some pretty good size hail. Mary tucked the camera away, and tucked herself away, lol. I think it was the first time on this trip I actually closed my visor...was stinging my face a bit.

The water you see on the windshield is hail that stuck to the dirty surface and then melted. It was also melting pretty much as quick as it hit the ground.

Here we are coming out of it.

The 24 does not have any gas stations right on the road...there were a few signs to take a side road to a gas station (that may or may not be open)...rather than do that I just dumped in the 2 gallons we'd been carrying for a while.

Shadow pic right before getting to 100 Mile House.

I am really pleased with how the TG is running. *We were riding into a strong headwind all day, running between 55 & 70 mph, mostly around 65 mph, and we still got 35 mpg.