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Day 37-

Day 37-

After a little over 10,000 miles riding, thru 12 States, it is 225 miles more to get home. A bit of it on the 30, then the most on the 40, then the 55, followed by a bunch of backroads to the house.

Leaving out- just filled up with gas across from my home away from home in Malvern, AR.

The 30 is a nice little stretch of road, out of Malvern...

...I had it mostly to myself this morning.

On Interstate 40 now.

A bit of traffic.


I-40 between Little Rock & Memphis is pretty much a "get from point A to point B" road.

I turned the music on, put it on cruise, and stayed as far away from semi's and crazy cagers as I could.

Before I knew I was nearing Memphis.

Crossing the Great Mississippi River...

...Into Tennessee.

Taking the lower loop around Memphis.

More in next post.