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Day 19-

Day 19-

We were 5 days in Meridian staying with Marys mom, visiting family, riding the hills around Boise with Trent & Marione, washing the TG, changing oil, etc.

It was a great time!

It is time to move on. We're taking a different route than we normally do...headed up to Missoula, MT to see Craig and our granddaughter, Lydia.

It is a ride that can easily be done in one day, but we want to take our time and enjoy the new we are headed to Stanley, ID today.

In Meridian, getting ready to pull out-

Mary & her Mom-

Mary in the mirror, as we're leaving Meridian. She is taking this picture because it is showing that the temp is 59*. It was only a few days ago that we were rolling into Meridian on this same road and it was 100*!!!

This is a W I D E Load!

Once we cleared Boise, the road is pretty dadgum straight, not a lot of traffic, but somehow this cager went off the road and ended up 180* opposite of the way they were going. Just show that anything can happen on the road...gotta always be careful.

Mary in the mirror, rolling at just under 80 mph. We're getting close to Mountain Home, ID. That is where we turn off the interstate and start climbing toward the Sawtooth Mountains.

Ambient temp has risen to 62*.

Climbing out of Mountain Home...

...still climbing, this is definitely a fun road!

We spent a good amount of time climbing, running the sweepers, and generally really enjoying the cool weather, the great road, and being back in the saddle after our time in Meridian.

For us, there is a rhythm on a road trip, where the getting on the bike each day feels like home, and we just settle in and enjoy the ride.

Meridian is at 2600' elevation. By the time we finish this little climb, we are at 5000 foot elevation in a Long valley.

More in next post.