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Day 31 Continued-

Day 31 Continued-

Short on time today, so short report.

With fresh batteries in Marys' camera and the video camera, we head up the hill. We've never been on this road before, not sure what to expect, but it looks good from here!

The views are stunning!

The road has a great surface... is fast, winding, banked well, and steep...

...with some sharper curves here and there...

...that I slow down a bit for, but for the most part I am running up the hill at 60-70...

...mostly in 4th gear, yeah, it is steep! Every now and then I jump into 5th.

Before you know it, we are at the summit! Besides being 11,300 feet, it is also at the Continental Divide.

We spent a few minutes in the gift shop...

...then went over to the corner of the parking for a scenic view while we ate lunch....

...that's a ways down to the snow!

More on Day 31 coming soon.